We are Wallpaper Installation Experts in Melbourne

Wallpaper installation in Melbourne homes is becoming increasingly popular. From the traditional Victorian style wallpapers, to modern homes with murals and bespoke wallpapers, many homes in Melbourne have been made comfortable, welcoming and attractive through the use of wallpapering products.

The Paint Deco Company has a wide range of specialist wallpapering services in Melbourne.

Our Wallpaper Installation Services

  • A prompt quote
  • Free product and colour consultation
  • Meticulous prep work
  • New homes, units, apartments
  • Heritage homes and restoration
  • Glass-fibre wallpaper for asbestos encapsulation
  • Embroidered or hand painted panels
  • Silk, linen, grass-cloth and all other paper fabrics
  • Wallpapers made from metallic leafs
  • Silk screen and block printed wallpapers
  • Murals and digitally printed wallpapers
  • Bamboo wood papers
  • Leather panels
  • Hand trimming for all of the above wallpapers

Why Choose us?


Fully qualified painters & tradesmen - all work complies with Australian and industry standards


Fully licensed & insured


Free colour and product consultation


Clear communication & schedule


Respect for our customers home


Careful protection of existing environment such as floors & furniture


A clean, well organised job site


Thorough preparation of all surfaces


Low VOC paint products for the environmentally aware


A workmanship guarantee

Professional wallpaper installation services in Melbourne

The quality of wallpapers and the overall effect that they are going to have will depend significantly on the skill and experience of the person who installs the wallpaper. Creased and misaligned wallpapers will never be a good look. For a beautiful finish you should engage the wallpapering services of a professional company.

The Paint Deco Company is a fully licensed and insured company providing high quality wallpapering services to Melbourne residents. We are a small team of professionals who take pride in our customer service and European craftsmanship. Get in touch with us for a personal consultation and free quote; call directly or complete the online contact form on this page.


The Advantages of Wallpapering

Ask many homeowners whether they would prefer to have their house interiors painted or wallpapered and you will receive more answers in support of a painted finish. This is because many people have misconceptions or do not understand the advantages of using wallpapers.

Here are some of the advantages of wallpapering:

  • Practicality – Wallpapers represent a very practical way to cover cracks and uneven walls in older homes without expensive prep work. Wallpapers can also be painted if patterns are not desired.
  • Cost efficiency – Although the initial cost of wallpapering might seem higher than that of painting, wallpapers tend to last longer than paint and will save you money. You can reduce expenses by up to 35% in the long run.
  • Aesthetic value – Painting may make the house beautiful but the versatility of wallpapers and their bespoke designs not only make the house more aesthetically pleasant but also more homely as well.
  • Ease of installation and repair – Wallpapers are relatively easier to install and do not take as long as house painting making it the best option for customers with time constraints.

If you require wallpaper installation in Melbourne, please contact The Paint Deco Company for a personal consultation and affordable quote – you won’t be disappointed!

Our Painting and Decorating Services

Painters Abbotsford

Exterior House Painting

The Paint Deco Company specialises in painting and repair work to the exterior of your house, including fences. Our meticulous prep work covers the repair of timber weathering, rendering cracks and window frames prior to applying high quality paint designed for the Melbourne weather. All work undertaken will meet Australian and industry standards.

Painting Services Abbotsford

Interior House Painting

Let The Paint Deco Company transform your house interior with their painting and decoration skills. We can restore heritage features such as ceiling roses and cornices, and appropriately prep all surfaces. A free colour consultation will ensure your modern contemporary or heritage home in Melbourne is rejuvenated as a beautiful living space.

Professional Painter Abbotsford

Wallpaper Installation

The Paint Deco Company is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best wallpaper installation companies in Melbourne. The recent popularity in specialty wallpaper; murals, vintage, fabrics, means our unique skills are in demand to install wallpaper to a high standard. If you would like to know more about wallpaper, please contact us.

Glass textiles Melbourne

Glass textiles are the Next Generation of Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings!!!

Renovate walls and eliminate cracks the easy way! We are the preferred installers of glass textile wall coverings in Melbourne.

Painters Quality Certificate
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