Australia is famous for having extreme weather but this is probably not news to you. In fact most Australians have grown so used to the dramatic shifts in climatic conditions over the years that they hardly pay any attention to the danger such shifts can pose to their homes.


The majority of Melbourne homes have cracks in the plaster!


Plaster repair Melbourne

According to data collected by various researchers, as many as 65% of the homes in Australia undergo some form of cracking in the course of their existence. A vast majority of these cracks can be traced back directly to changes in weather and climatic conditions. Too much rainfall can lead to water damage risking the structural integrity of your home and leading to the formation of cracks on the wall. Lack of water or prolonged drought, on the other hand, could also have a similar effect as it causes the walls to dry up at their foundations and become parched. In both cases, it is evident that there is very little that you, the home owner, can do to prevent the formation of cracks.

It is actually very normal for Australian homes to have unsightly cracks in the walls. The best that you can do in such cases is to try and mitigate the damage, contain it and prevent it from spreading.

Using wallpapers to repair wall cracks in plaster

If you have multiple cracks appearing on your walls then you should seriously consider covering them up with wallpaper. The mistake that most people make is simply to fill the cracks and then try to cover them up with paint. In nearly all cases the cracks will reappear making this a frustrating exercise.

Cracks in walls

Glass textile wallpaper or a lining wallpaper provides a long term solution for cracked walls. Wallpaper covers the cracks, moves with them and stops future cracks showing through. As well as covering hairline cracks, the walls will appear softer and aesthetically pleasing. Wallpaper also improves the room’s acoustics. Clients can then have a choice of a painted finish or patterned wallpaper applied over the top.

Glass textile wallpaper is a relatively new product from Europe. It is durable, guaranteed for 30 years and helps to strengthen the walls.

Wallpaper provides multiple practical advantages for Australian homes. Why don’t you try it for long term solutions to your cracked walls?

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