The Paint Deco Company is committed to providing accurate and honest painting quotes in Melbourne. But how are painting costs calculated?

One of the main factors that Melbourne home owners consider once they decide to paint their home is the total cost involved and rightly so! Consider the fact that house painting costs can escalate very quickly and become burdensome if they are not closely monitored and accurately quoted.

Commercial and residential house painting quotes Melbourne are usually presented in terms of cost per square metre of the area to be painted. However, these quotes can be misleading as they do not take into account factors that affect the overall cost by increasing the amount of labour involved. For instance, if you have a quote for painting the interior of your house, does the quote also cover the cost of painting windows, doors and other surfaces as well? These factors must be taken into consideration as they affect labour costs.

The Exterior House Painting Cost in Melbourne

Some of the main factors that will influence exterior house painting costs include:

  • Size of the area to be painted – generally all painters use this as the benchmark when calculating painting costs.
  • Materials – they type of material out of which the walls are made will dictate the types of painting supplies to be used and, by extension, the cost of painting the walls as well.
  • Heights – how high is the wall to be painted and/or on which floor is it located. Generally speaking, higher walls will cost more to paint especially if a scaffolding is required to paint them.
  • Obstructions – are there any trees, shrubs or other obstructions that could undermine the painting job? If so then you are likely to pay more to get the walls painted.
  • Painting supplies – professional practice requires the application of a primer before the actual paint when painting a wall. But new technology has led to the creation of painting supplies that combine both the paint and primer in a single product. Using the latter products is cheaper than using primer and paint separately and you can get lower quotes if you choose to go with that option.

The Interior House Painting Cost in Melbourne

The overall cost of painting a house interior will be determined by factors such as the ones outlined below.

  • Surfaces to be painted – besides the walls, do you want other surfaces like floors, doors, windows and ceilings painted as well. If so, the total cost per area will be calculated with the areas of these surfaces in mind.
  • Height of ceilings – if the ceilings are too high then painting them will take more work and you might have to dig a little deeper into your pockets.
  • Materials used in the surfaces.
  • Special requirements – customers who need special paints and other supplies might have to pay more for them.

The Paint Deco Company provide free painting quotes for Melbourne residents which take into account all the factors outlined above. We guarantee that there will be no budgetary inflation once work has began, allowing our customers peace of mind.

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