We are Professional Painters and Decorators in South Melbourne

The Paint Deco Company are local painters and decorators for South Melbourne. We are fully licensed and insured and represent one of the leading residential painting companies in the area. We are dedicated to the successful completion of every project and offer a workmanship guarantee.

Our Painting Services in South Melbourne

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Exterior House Painting

The Paint Deco Company specialises in painting and repair work to the exterior of your house, including fences. Our meticulous prep work covers the repair of timber weathering, rendering cracks and window frames prior to applying high quality paint designed for the Melbourne weather. All work undertaken will meet Australian and industry standards.

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Interior House Painting

Let The Paint Deco Company transform your house interior with their painting and decoration skills. We can restore heritage features such as ceiling roses and cornices, and appropriately prep all surfaces. A free colour consultation will ensure your modern contemporary or heritage home in Melbourne is rejuvenated as a beautiful living space.

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Wallpaper Installation

The Paint Deco Company is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best wallpaper installation companies in Melbourne. The recent popularity in specialty wallpaper; murals, vintage, fabrics, means our unique skills are in demand to install wallpaper to a high standard. If you would like to know more about wallpaper, please contact us.

Glass textiles Melbourne

Glass textiles are the Next Generation of Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings!!!

Renovate walls and eliminate cracks the easy way! We are the preferred installers of glass textile wall coverings in Melbourne.

Why Choose us for Your Painting and Decorating?

A Professional Painter for South Melbourne

Delicate Streetscapes from the Victorian era are among the striking features characteristic of South Melbourne – amount the first suburbs to adopt full Municipal status and also one of the first modern neighbourhoods.This blend of old architecture with new works well to provide a scenic, majestic view.

Owning a home in South Melbourne is a dream come true and only around 11,000 people live in the suburb. Our job at The Paint Deco Company is to transform every house in the area into the perfect dream home. We have confidence in all our professional and qualified staff who take pride in customer service and enjoy working with clients to understand exactly what they want to achieve. We develop individual solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget.

The Paint Deco Company is a fully qualified team that offer residential painting and decorating services. A free personal consultation helps our clients come up with the best painting and decor ideas for their home. We have a strong reputation of making sure every project is completed on time and on budget.

You can get in touch with us directly by giving us a call or completing the online contact form to get your free quote for painters in South Melbourne.

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