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What are the Different Types of Wallpaper?

There are many different types of wallpaper for walls - all suited to different applications. The interior design world has undergone a lot of transformation since the invention of the first machine that was capable of printing coloured tints on wall...

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How do I Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls?

Australia is famous for having extreme weather but this is probably not news to you. In fact most Australians have grown so used to the dramatic shifts in climatic conditions over the years that they hardly pay any attention to the danger such shifts can pose to their...

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How do I Find a Cheap Painter in Melbourne?

The cheapest painter in Melbourne is yourself! Once you decide to paint your house, the cost of getting the job done will be one of the main factors to take into consideration. Naturally, you will want to keep these costs as low as possible. In fact, many Melbourne...

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How are Painting Quotes in Melbourne calculated?

The Paint Deco Company is committed to providing accurate and honest painting quotes in Melbourne. But how are painting costs calculated? One of the main factors that Melbourne home owners consider once they decide to paint their home is the total cost involved and...

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